This is a subset of my personal notes that I make public. Take a look around.

Fair warning: many pages have not been made public yet, and those that have contain thoughts at various stages of development. Please forgive any shortsightedness.



These notes are written in Logseq and published using my custom built system for converting Logseq notes to a Hugo website. It’s an experimental system and it has some bugs. But it’s a good space to publish notes exactly the way I write them locally on my system, and experiment with Building a knowledge graph in Logseq. That being said, some Logseq functionality has not been transferred yet to the website form (e.g. page aliases, search). Here’s to having time to improve that one day.

These notes are made up of nested blocks (i.e. bullet points). You can access a block directly by clicking the arrow on the right side of the block. In theory, this coulud be a way to link between different people’s notes (i.e. Knowledge Graphs), and have direct access to the block hierarchy in published notes the same way one does in Logseq. Long-term, I hope to use this system to add more semantic meaning to the linked connections between notes, and explore the possible ramifications of surfacing their underlying categorical structure.