deniz designs systems and spaces

(this was the old home page until 2023/04/15)

My professional background is in software engineering and product management. Currently, my work falls into the following areas.

building functional systems

How we organize and systematize information can significantly impact the availability of existing knowledge and the synthesis of new ideas. Both for individuals and for organizations, I believe creating systems and processes that make knowledge and work more cumulative and interoperable while remaining simple and usable will unlock significant gains in how we share knowledge and how we learn.

designing joyful spaces

When it comes to our built environment, ethical and aesthetic considerations are intimately tied together. In order for our places to serve people effectively, they must also be places that people want to be in. I believe the potential for what we can do with our inhabited space is greater than what we’ve imagined to date. These beliefs apply both to our physical and virtual interfaces.

promoting effective government

The most important ethical institution a society has is its government, and government is the primary entity we must look to to ensure our human rights. Whether it be through federal policy or local ordinances, I aim to help improve government’s effectiveness in guaranteeing those human rights. I believe this starts with a outcome-oriented focus on government impact, and a continued effort to expand our moral circle.

this website is a public repository of my personal notes, you can read more about how it was made here.