About this website

I write notes for myself

I write notes in Logseq, which uses a block structure and supports links and backlinks between notes.

Block-based writing allows for an easy way to create nested hierarchies.

Using links and backlinks makes it convenient to find related thoughts and ideas.

I make some of those notes public

I extract the public pages and blocks from Logseq and publish them using Hugo. For more details on how this flow works, you can read about how I publish this website.

Some nice things this system currently supports and brings over from Logseq

Collapsible blocks


Links between pages

You can navigate my notes the same way I do, with the exception that if a page or block being linked is private then it is visible but not clickable.

Pages show backlinks at the bottom of the page like in Logseq

For an example, you can go to my page on Occam’s Razor and scroll to the bottom to see all the backlinks to that page (i.e. all the places where I link to Occam’s Razor).

Blocks have permanent links and their own pages

Tap the arrow to the right to see this block’s permanent page, it uses the Logseq block UUID as the URL.

This prototypes a possible way to link between different people’s knowledge graphs using the familiar structure of URLs. This relates to the idea of a World Knowledge Graph, and I discuss it more in my post on How Logseq should build a World Knowledge Graph.

Block references

If a block has a number to the right, that means it is referenced by another block. Selecting the number takes you to the block’s own page where you can see what references this block.

Twitter and YouTube shortcodes

Logseq and Hugo both support these shortcodes to display YouTube and Twitter links with a nice preview.

Embedding images

This is not done very well yet, but essentially works.

Some nice things this system will hopefully one day support


Preview link on hover

Displaying rich link types