Full security of human rights

Two worlds

  1. All humans are not secure in their human rights.
  1. All humans are secure in their human rights.

The most significant concerns in world (1) are those that prevent us from getting to world (2). Once in world (2), the types of concerns opens up significantly.

We are currently in world (1). We may always be in world (1), though I hope not.

Even in world (1) we can discuss concerns that are not related to securing human rights. But it is important to understand when one is discussing a concern that is specific to world (1), or a concern that would still exist in world (2).

In other words, it is important to have clarity on whether a given concern is a concern of human rights.

Security of human rights is exciting

World (2) is very exciting. In this world, our significant problems are relatively stabilized, and beings are living comfortable lives and are pushing the limits of positive experience.

I use human rights for the sake of clarity, but Life Rights may be a more appropriate term that will allow us to include non-human beings in this moral consideration.