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What is the difference between System Design and Systems Thinking?

Some principles

Minimal moving parts

Minimal connections

No domain specific knowledge required, easy to pick up management of the system

Under-engineered, leaving flexibility for future technology improvements and unforeseen issues.


Technical components have direct representations in a clear, abstract mental framework.

This means that the system can be described accurately without reference to the technical components.

The levels of a system

the layer that is visible to the user of the system


Effective system design requires insights drawn from serious contexts of use

Great tool-makers are often not great tool-users, and vice-versa

The military is a system of order and bureaucratic efficiency. A flat company is a system of flexibility and speed.

Is there a way to find the balance between the two? What is for half the day the company was a military system and half the day it was flat? Willing to think outside the box here.


A technology company should have the following sections.

  1. Building all the functionality possible, building out every feature that could be even slightly considered useful.
  1. A team that thinks about what functionality should be given to end users (consumers) and what functionality should be automated (either through ML or some other way). This team also needs to implement the ML or whatever other solution if they decide something is not for end users.
  1. A team that builds the interface given what’s been decided to be accessible to the end user.