more on joyful environments

For me, space and experience design encompasses the following topic areas

Urban planning, public transportation, and making our cities accessible and walkable.

Creating public spaces and private venues that elicit joy and comfort, whether through theming, immersion, green space, or other aesthetic elements.

Using AR and VR to prototype and push the boundaries on how we imagine the world could be, and to accelerate the improvement of our physical environment.

Using knowledge of what gives us joy in our current environments to design exceptional environments in VR.

Making more of our human interfaces and experiences simple and joyful, whether those interfaces exist in software, hardware, or in the built environment.

Projects related to designing spaces

I am currently building MIX, a platform for displaying public art and redesigned streetscapes in geographically anchored augmented reality.

I am on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission in Durham where I work on finding high yield opportunities to improve walkability, public transportation, and cycling infrastructure.

I started Still Life, a video art project to create windows to another moment in time and space.